ITCS offers complete virtualization technology and equipment solutions with a wide variety of customized options. We can help you host your enterprise applications such as Exchange, IIS, SQL Server, Sharepoint and other Windows and Linux applications on a VMware platform. We will create a map of your technology infrastructure and replicate your physical environment onto virtual machines.

Go Virtual

ITCS Corp uses VMware virtualization platform to deliver maximum performance, data protection, improved disaster recovery processes and reduces operating expenses of in-house technology systems. With ITCS Corp implemented virtualized infrastructure, you can reduce the risk and cost of upgrading and maintaining your own servers. Our deployed virtualization platform simplifies your IT operations, optimizes your tech assets, protects your data and critical technology applications and decreases equipment costs.

Benefits of Virtualization

Run your desktop applications from any machine
Improve uptime and availability of your platform
Reduced IT Costs and Expenditures
Seamless disaster recovery
Provision new servers within minutes
Decrease equipment costs
Reduce the number of servers required
Add virtual machines quickly for new applications
Dynamic resource allocation